How to make irrigation plan scientifically

The irrigation frequency of crops is determined by the water holding capacity of soil, the growth stage of crops and climatic conditions. What factors should be considered in a complete irrigation scheme?

The first step is to determine the soil type. It is necessary to determine the amount of available water in the soil for absorption and utilization by crops. When the soil moisture begins to decrease from the field capacity to a certain depletion threshold, it is the critical point to start irrigation.

The second step is to determine the crop coefficient at different growth stages. The water demand of crops is determined according to the crop coefficient and transpiration. The water loss from transpiration will be different at different growth stages of crops.

The third step is to get evaporation data. Consult the local historical evaporation through meteorological stations or some websites. Or install evaporation on your own farm to learn about the recent evaporation. According to the Penman formula, ET0 can be calculated from the meteorological parameters, and then calculated based on ETC = ET0*KC, and the amount of water needs to be calculated.

The fourth step is to determine the frequency of irrigation, that is, once a few days of irrigation. According to the different growth cycles of crops, the amount of water required for calculation is calculated to determine the frequency of irrigation.

The fifth step is to determine how much time of irrigation. According to the parameters of the irrigation system, the irrigation intensity of the drip pipe spacing, the pitch of the head, and the drip head flow.

According to the above five points, an appropriate irrigation scheme can be formulated, but in the actual management process, we will face different climate and weather conditions. How can we adjust each irrigation operation and monitor the irrigation effect according to the actual situation? Please pay attention to Yulin Irrigation.


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