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In the field irrigation project, the PE hose is used as the main pipe connecting the micro-spraying hose.It is made of high molecular polyethylene. It has the advantage of high strength, long life, low cost and easy maintenance. It can be laid in the plain, filed, mountain, hill, and large canopy as main pipe of water-saving.

Field Irrigation PE Hose Features:

  • Good wear resistance, good flexibility.
  • Long service life and corrosion resistance.
  • High uniformity of effluent.
  • It can not only replace the main canal to reduce the loss of field water supply, but also strictly control and regulate the irrigation water consumption.
  • The water conveyance and irrigation control system in the field is integrated.
  • Low energy consumption, low investment, low irrigation cost, high standard water saving and benefit.


Field Irrigation PE Hose Application:

  • Suitable for wheat, rice, sorghum, corn, cotton, grass and other field crops.



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