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Porous micro-spray irrigation hose adopts double-layer co-extrusion process production, laser drilling, spray water like light rain, fine and uniform,and does not damage crops. It has good anti clogging performance, convenient installation and disassembly, and good movable performance.

Porous micro-spray irrigation hose Advantages:

  • low construction cost.
  • Strong anti-blocking ability, low requirement for water filtration.
  • Low working pressure, low input for water source and water main hose delivery.
  • The water saving effect is remarkable, and the water utilization rate reaches about 85%.
  • Can be used to fertilize and spray pesticides, water uniform, do not solidify the soil, do not lose fertilizer.


Porous micro-spray irrigation hose Installation methods:

  • According to the line spacing with the micro spray hose and accessories.
  • Install PE main irrigation tube, one end is connected with micro spray hose, the other end is connected with accessories, the back of accessories is connected with sprinkler hose, and the tail is sealed.
  • If there is a small amount of pinholes with impurities blocked, the tail of the spray irrigation tube can be untied, and then rinse with water for about one minute.
  • Fertilizer can be applied through Venturi suction or differential pressure fertilizer tank.
  • Tail sealing skills: one method is to tie a triangle knot at the tail; the other method is to cut off a sprinkling irrigation hose about 1-2 cm wide, and then roll the tail of the sprinkling irrigation hose three times, about an inch wide, and then cover the cut sprinkling irrigation hose, that is, to achieve the plugging effect.

Porous micro-spray irrigation hose specification:

Folded diameter




Orifice spacing






Lateral length


Spraying radius




40 0.20 30 Inclined three holes 1.00 40 2 200
50 0.20 30 Inclined five holes 1.65 50 3 200
63 0.20 30 Inclined five holes 1.65 80 4 200
80 0.30 50 Inclined seven holes 1.40 100 5 200
100 0.30 50 Inclined seven holes 1.40 120 6 150
120 0.30 50 Inclined nine holes 1.30 140 7 150
140 0.30 80 Inclined nine holes 1.08 180 7 100
175 0.40 100



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