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PVC layflat hose is a PVC discharge layflat hose that resists kinking and twisting.The hose is designed as a standard duty hose for water discharge in industrial and construction application, and is economical and rolls up flat for easy storage.

The Spectification of PVC Layflat Hose:


Working pressure 2bar


Working pressure 4bar


1” 0.13 0.15 50m/100m
1.5” 0.18 0.20 50m/100m
2” 0.22 0.24 50m/100m
2.5” 0.28 0.30 50m/100m
3” 0.35 0.38 50m/100m
4” 0.53 0.58 50m/100m

    Note for Using The PVC Layflat Hose:

    1. Suggest that the hose be used within its recommend temperature and pressure range.
    2. When pressurizing, slowly open or close any valves to avoid impact pressure and protect the hose from being damaged.


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