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Sand & Stone Filter is a kind of three-dimensional filter which is formed by homogeneous quartz sand with equal particle size as filter carrier.The impurities and inorganic impurities in water can be treated by sand and stone filtration, and the water can be supplied continuously while the impurities are filtered out and retained.

Sand & Stone Filter Working Principle:

  • When the system is in the filtration state, the pressurized water flows into the water distribution system from the inlet of the filter tank and reaches the filter material layer evenly. When the water flows through the filter material layer, the suspended solids are intercepted by the filter material. There is a water collector with a gap at the bottom of the filter. The filtered clean water is collected evenly and flows out of the filter.
  • When the pressure difference increases to a certain set value or reaches the set cleaning value, the system will automatically switch to the backwashing state. The pressurized water enters the filter material layer through the water collecting device to wash it, so that the intercepted pollutants fall off and discharge out of the filtration system. After backwashing lasts for at least 2 minutes, the valve will automatically turn the system to filtration state.

Sand & Stone Filter Features:

  • High filtration rate, low pressure loss, completely solve the problem of slow filtration rate and small flow of ordinary mechanical media filter.
  • Modular setting, small floor area, less piping, and low investment. The land occupation area is reduced by more than 4/10, and the pipe work quantity is reduced by more than 1/2.
  • It can be used alone or in combination according to the amount of irrigation project and filtration requirements.

Sand & Stone Filter Technical Parame:

  • Flux:60~200m3/h
  • Pressure:0.2~0.6Mpa
  • Filtration:80~200μm
  • Suitable:suitable for processing river and lake water containing suspended solids and other organic matter.


Sand & Stone Filter Specifications:

Nominal Diameter













60~200 0.2~0.6 Flange PCS



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