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Strengthened PE Knitted Hose Advantages:

  • It is made of high molecular polyethylene(PE), which has many excellent properties such as light weight, compression resistance, cold resistance and anti-freeze.
  • With good frost resistance(measured temperature minus 60℃),bending resistance,easy to use in the north and cold areas.
  • Good wearing resistance and sun protection characteristics(measured in the sun exposure for 2 years will not appear aging phenomenon).
  • With good compression resistance, the new circular warp and weft weaving technology is adopted for single extrusion molding, and the three-point PE hose is made of 300 warp and weft PE silk mesh weaving, with excellent pressure resistance performance(lf high pressure is required, it can be customized separately).



Strengthened PE Knitted Hose Specification:

Performance                                                         Strengthened PE Knitted Hose                                         Traditional PVC water Hose                                           

life                                                                                                   5~7 years                                                                               1~2 years

Weight                                                                             1 inch 20~25g/meter                                                        1 inch  60~80g/meter

High Pressure Resistance                                                          3~8Mpa                                                                                0.5~0.8Mpa

Antifreeze&Fold resistance         Temperature from -48℃ to +48℃ can be used          Temperature from -10℃ to +48℃ can be used

Length                                                                                     500meter/Roll                                                            Less than 100meter/pcs


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